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How Can I Protect My Joint, Prevent Arthritis?

There are many causes of arthritis, while one may not be able control certain causes such as hereditary predisposition or anatomical malformations, there are various ways by which one can protect joints & help prevent OA.

  1. Maintain ideal body weight:  The body weight is a stress factor for joints of lower limbs. The more is the weight, more is stress across these joints.
  2. Do regular exercises: Exercises programs & their advantages shall be discussed in chapter 14.
  3. Maintain appropriate Posture: good posture can help protect the joints especially of neck, back, hips & knees
  4. Avoid overloading smaller joints: when lifting or carrying it is advisable to use largest & strongest joints & muscles so as to avoid straining smaller joints.
  5. Whenever you are starting new activity, it is advisable to start it slowly & safety until you know your body capacity to withstand it. This decreases chances of injury.
  6. Don't overstress your joint: Whenever there is pain, it should not be ignored as it may be indicative of excessive stress across your joint.    
  7. Changing positions at regular interval decreases stiffness of muscles & joints.
  8. One should not attempt to do a job that is too big to handle. It is always advisable to get someone to assist.
  9. It is always preferable to alternate periods of heavy activity with periods of rest. Prolonged continous stress on joints can accelerate degenerative changes in joints.

  10. Eat Well: Adequate intake of calcium, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin C, E, folic acid is essential to maintain bone & joint vitality.
  11. Wear Appropriate Footwear: The shoe should have adequate space at the toes so that toes can move around, the shoe should be flexible at the ball of the foot to allow for pushoff. High heeled shoes put extra strain on foot and ankle & hence should be avoided. A shoe with a rubber sole provides more cushion.
  12. Yoga Exercises: Yoga strengthens the mind-body connection allowing not only physical fitness but also helps you to get your mind in shape thereby reducing stress.
  13. Outdoor Travelling: Out door traveling is not only soothing with chance to breath fresh air & get in touch with nature but also it provides for opportunity to burn extra calories while having fun.
  14. Making a partner: Working out with partner is one of the methods to ensure that your exercise program is on track.
  15. Avoid Pounding exercises such as kickboxing or step aerobics, low impact activities like biking & swimming offer the same calorie- burning benefits.
  16. Doing things awkwardly can strain your joint hence rearrange your home or workplace,find new ways of  gripping or carrying or using special equipment if your joint is injured. 
Diagrams of exercises :
Standing and walking