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Sports-Medicine Kalyan-Dombivali
What is a Joint?

A joint is where movements of one bone occurs on another. There is lack of continuity between the two bones & the stability(holding together of the two bones) is provided by muscles & ligaments. The ligament are elastic bands: they keep the bones in place. The muscles provide movement across the joint by lengthening & shortening.

The bone ends at the joints are covered with a coating of cartilage which allows the joints to move smoothly & also prevents bone ends from rubbing against each other.

The joint is surrounded by a covering known as capsule & the space within the joint is filled with fluid known as synovial fluid. The fluid is produced by a membrane which lines the undersurface of capsule known as synovial membrane. The fluid provides nutrition to the joint & cartilage.

Tendons are tough cords of tissue that connect muscle to bone.